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Identifying the requirements of Bangladesh’s economy and private sector for creating new narratives, CAL investments has designed its products and services. The services of CAL Investments can be categorized into three major segments – Debt Capital Markets, Equity Capital Markets and M & A and Advisory. Leveraging the expertise of Sri Lanka’s premier investment bank and integrating research-based insights, CAL Investments will offer its clients innovative financial solutions and advisory.

Debt Capital Markets

CAL Bangladesh continuously strives to offer new and innovative products to the market, with the objective of closely meeting your exact requirements. By integrating research-based insights we are offering the most suitable debt instruments for our forward-thinking clients.

Our Debt market professionals adopt an informed yet intuitive approach to understanding investor appetite and market movements, helping you identify the ideal timing and the optimal structured product mix that meets your specific financing requirements. Thereafter, our dedicated team of fixed income sales experts will actively and swiftly match these securities with our extensive network of institutional, high-net-worth, and retail-oriented investors.

What we Offer

  • Foreign Financing

  • Structured Debt

  • Securitization

  • Preference Share

  • Commercial Paper

  • Debentures

Equity Capital Markets

Whether you are a fast-growing firm looking to raise external capital for the first time or a well-established listed corporate seeking to raise expansion capital, our seasoned team of Investment Banking experts is well-poised to structure a transaction in line with your distinct financing requirements. Over the years, we have also developed a deep appreciation and keen understanding of family-run companies, which allows us to assist family members in smoothly navigating the life-transforming affair of raising external capital.

What we Offer

  • Private Equity
  • Initial Public Offering

  • Private Investment in Public enterprises

  • Rights Issue

M & A and Advisory

The strong technical capabilities of CAL’s experienced M&A professionals, coupled with our deep industry expertise, have allowed us to develop processes and practices benchmarked on global best practices. Whether you want to acquire a business or divest from one, our advisory team is well-placed to source multiple counterparties and negotiate from a position of strength every time.

What we Offer

  • Buy-side Advisory

  • Sell-side Advisory
  • Joint Ventures

  • Transaction Advisory

  • Overseas Investment

  • Repatriation Services

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