Our philosophy is founded on equal opportunity, the best idea wins, learning & development and a well-balanced workplace for all.

At CAL Bangladesh, we are committed to retaining and rewarding our employees by ensuring a fulfilling workplace culture that celebrates their achievements while supporting them to realize their potential.

CAL has an enviable workplace culture of employees nurtured as one family. Our approach to developing people helps build an incredible team of professionals who understand the value of maintaining CAL’s impeccable reputation to reach new heights.

CAL Sri Lanka has been certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’ in an independent and anonymous survey conducted by Great Place to Work® based on an independent study on the critical pillars of staff trust and employee experience. The Group’s core values of Integrity, Fairness, Dynamism, and Teamwork reflect the emphasis it places on ensuring a contented and productive workforce.

We strongly believe in diversity, and we take pride in being an equal-opportunity employer. In Bangladesh, CAL’s promise to our staff is an equal, challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable career at the forefront of an exciting industry. We continuously strive to hire for attitude and reward for performance ensuring our employees are treated fairly and equitably.